As a survivor of trauma, abuse, traumatic brain injuries, and/or PTSD, many people have various outlets from which to bring healing and a sense of accomplishment to their lives through written articles, poetry, artwork, theater, music, etc. These outlets are celebrations of who we are as thrivers in overcoming great tragedies in our lives. I know for myself, writing has been a powerful source of inspiration, healing, and voice for me to connect with others so I might share my story in order to encourage, support, and assist in the healing and recovery of myself and those whom have followed in my footsteps. By sharing my story, I hope to offer my hand in bringing those along the same arduous journey back to the light so their flame can glow once again.💫

For those survivors, regardless of how big or small the accomplishments you have made in your journey, I want to acknowledge your arrival, celebrate YOU, and invite you to send us your creative work so I might share it with our tribe to bring hope, love, and gratitude to all whom have reached their goal one step at-a-time. With your permission, we will share your articles, poetry, artwork, etc. on this website to showcase how amazing you are, regardless of where you are in your journey of healing and recovery.

Please note, what you send will not be returned to you, so ensure you have a copy of the document you send us. The document must be sent as a word.doc or pdf format, or it will be returned to you, unless it is in video format. We will be screening the submitted documents, so please send only those documents or videos that contribute to the following criteria:

The Document and/or Video:

  1. Reflects your success regarding the journey you have made progress in with regard to your trauma
  2. Shares in paragraph format why this type of success story, poetry, art, or video is healing to you
  3. Gives clarity and meaningful portrayal about your trauma and successful journey whether it is just getting out of bed for the first time, finding a new job after recovery, reclaiming your sanity, and/or having decreased nightmares following PTSD, etc.
  4. Offers hope, encouragement, and empathy with regard to trauma, abuse, depression, etc.
  5. May Not contain vulgarity, nudity, profanity, and/or sexually explicit photos

I would very much enjoy posting your success articles, poetry, videos, etc., to my website for others who are going through a difficult journey now to bring a sense of community, connection, and the knowledge no one who is a survivor of trauma is ever alone. I am grateful to all of you who have entered my tribe, for those who contribute to its knowledge, to its passion for serving others, and for choosing to bring glow so others’ light can shine on…🌟

If you wish to contribute your personal work to this page, please send your success stories, poetry, art, and videos to:

  • DrLees@LetYourLightShineOn.org

Again, thank you for being part of my tribe and for letting your light shine on…!

🌟In Light and Love,

Dr. Kimberly Lees xo