Hello My Beautiful Souls,

Thank you for stopping by to be part of my extraordinary tribe. I am glad you have found your way here….It was by design. There is no such thing as luck. I, like you, have been a victim of abuse, assault, traumatic brain injuries and PTSD. Consequently, it’s easy to remain a victim to this reality we have been placed in by society, our families, or ourselves. Yet, when you pass through my doors, I would ask you to leave the victim mentality at the steps before entering, or you will never be open to the possibilities of engaging your mind to a new mindset. This positive deviation is what transcends the old “negative” tapes into a transformation allowing light to enter from the cracks of your brokenness so that purpose, forgiveness, peace, and joy can ultimately return. Going through this process is not easy, nor is it one I would wish on anyone to do alone. We are here together to encourage and support each other. This is where you will learn how to understand and face your greatest fears with grace, forgiveness, and courage. It is also a venue to unleash the power from within that shapes your survival and voice to overcome the self-destructive “stigma” of victimization. It is here when YOU realize you have finally arrived to thrive! The resiliency of the human spirit becomes your compass and energy source. Let it shine on!?

Therapy is healing only if you choose it to be. I am a therapist through education, a client myself, and self-taught through years of book smart materials that helped me overcome various psychological, mental, and emotional traumas inflicted on me that many therapists and NeuroPsychologists were unable or chose not to treat. Some just were not trained in the types of traumas I required therapy in. As a survivor of sexual assault and traumatic brain injuries, I know firsthand what it means to go into the dark tunnel of hopelessness. I had lived there for a season or two and didn’t think I would ever return. I lost my mind while trying to find it, coping with rape, and having my world spin out of control due to both traumatic brain injuries. Emotional trauma is a powerful caveat of trauma and abuse that cannot be separated from the complexities of its various injuries. Our brain shields itself for protection and exhibits illogical behaviors as cries for help regardless of the trauma. In my case, due to the accumulated injuries, I soon discovered how easy it was to let go when there was no one there to save you. And when you do, you realize how fragile life is. And, time stops for no one.

Depression is a horrible mental illness and a trick the mind plays on us when we least expect it. We don’t see it coming and when it’s there, we have been breathing it in as if its air. Someone who knows you better can open their arms and connect their light with you, to rekindle your glow, as someone did with me. I am a true believer that God’s light will alter any darkness surrounding you if you choose it. With depression can escalate Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD is a phenomenon that occurs after experiencing horrific trauma or stress that continues over time and time again where the brain alters itself to survive overwhelming anxiety, fear, pain, suffering, and abuse that is inflicted upon you. Walking this road throughout childhood and twice in a four-year succession with brain injuries had brought me to my knees and made me realize that a higher power had to sustain me for my brain to heal and become whole again. God never gives you more than you can handle. He has always surrounded me with angels to gift me their love, friendship, talents, time, presence, and strength in order to foster in me the will to survive, yet more abundantly, the choice to thrive. After all, we are made of pure love and wear the crown of jewels.? If you don’t believe in miracles, you should look in the mirror, because you are one!

Thank you again for being here and choosing to share your journey with me. I look forward to meeting you. I hope in some manifested way, I can offer you hope, faith, knowledge, and resources so you never feel alone. Paying it forward is so easy to do when others have done so much for me. There is a beautiful world out there just waiting for you to glow into! Take my hand and let’s get started…

In Love and Light,

Dr. Kimberly Lees xo