?My Beautiful Souls,

?It’s gorgeous outside! The sky is painted in colors of yellow and blue, which is beckoning my spirit to soar into the outdoors. I have so much gratitude for the huge windows in my small home to view the beauty of the day. I see the park across the street and people are walking their puppies, flying kites, and jogging down the street. Three people in all. When did our world get so small…??

?From the news I hear echoes of desperation as the unemployed juggle search engines in trying to master the unemployment hoops. The phone systems are jammed to capacity and the responses are busy signals. The frustrations mount to exasperation, as almost everyone in America is left jobless. People wonder how to feed their families, pay the rent or mortgage, utilities, car payments, and credit card bills. You start to question the importance of things and begin to re-evaluate priorities of family, health, relationships, love, generosity, compassion, and spirituality. There is beauty in realizing how priceless gifts far outweigh those that cost. Health is one gift you never want to take for granted.

?My heart goes out to every person who is unemployed due to COVID 19. I have been where you are. I know the plight of uncertainty regarding your next paycheck, your next meal, and having your home almost taken from you. Everything is out of your control. Panic sets in, your chest feels heavy and tight as breathing seems alarmingly difficult. Your mind spins on how to fix the problem with no answers in sight. There isn’t a DIY book when you lose your job, but there are steps you can take to create structure for your life. You are re-programming yourself for a new reality that makes sense to you until life gets back on track. And, if you’ve never been on this journey before, it’s a trial by error pathway. Just don’t give up!

?The awesome news is we are all in this together!? When my unemployment happened, there wasn’t anyone for me to turn to for support. I was in a new state and didn’t know anyone. I was grateful for the unemployment office and the kind people who guided me through the process. At least I was able to take classes with others who were just as desperate as I in finding a job. Now however, due to the quarantine, no one can gather and lean on each other for encouragement, support, or assistance face-to-face. Yet, people everywhere want to be there for YOU during this painful situation whether on Vimeo, Skype, Zoom, or other techno gadget. Let them. Reach out to others to find whatever you need. It is important that we ignite love into each other because depression and anxiety are so real right now. Loneliness is a constant for many people who are quarantined and have no one there beside them to share this toxic burden with. Do NOT feel ashamed, guilty, or abandoned. We are here for you. There are call centers set up for people in crisis. We’ve GOT THIS!

?Know that your feelings are real. Feel them, own them, and accept them, but don’t let them dictate you and your mindset from positivity. You will RISE UP. This current situation will pass. It is NOT the end. Breathe. Exhale. Stop the chaos of your mind from thinking the worst thoughts. There is light at the end of the tunnel. The God spark within you needs to be flamed on and only you can make that happen. Choose to be the glow in your life. Take the control back. And, when you do, the magic will show itself to you…Believe!?

⚡️Positivity and light still exist right where you are. Celebrate the blessings in your life. Dig deep to recognize how amazing a person you are and the gifts you bring to the world. Do not play small or underestimate the powers you have inside of you. The world needs YOU right now to elevate others, to spread light, to be courageous, generous, genuine, transparent, and worthy. In all circumstances, give praise for the abundance of what you have without being judgmental of others. You have no idea what battle others face outside your doorstep at this time.

??Prayer is meditating at a higher consciousness. Now more than ever we need to join together as a community of spiritual souls to overcome the viral warfare at bay. We must pray for our country, medical teams, and those on the front lines who are serving us in ways we used to take for granted. Prayer is our salvation.

?Living a life of balance is key right now to avoid being thrown under the bus by the landslide of information being thrown at us about COVID 19. Make a structured plan of your own for when you will watch the news, controlling how many emails about it you will receive. Create times for fitness routines, eat nutritiously, and find ways to bring the family together whether playing board games, cards, yard tennis, croquette, etc. If you are working from home, ensure you make time for you to stay mentally sharp, physically fit, energized with healthy snacks, and a spiritual mindset.

?‍♀‍Wishing all my bright and beautiful souls a day of resiliency, health, and well-being. Honor yourself daily. Sleep soundly for 8-10 hours. And, see the light in others and that is all you see.? Sending Spring kisses to Everybodeeeee….??xoxoo

If you feel alone, stressed, frustrated, and need to talk, please contact me. I can listen to your plight, and we can form an action plan together that will assist in getting you back to where you want to be. Never ever give up! There are crisis centers all over America ready to lift you up, help you de-stress, and re-evaluate where you need to be. Be brave and know we are here to support YOU during this pandemic! Sending hugs to all…

In Love and Light,?

Kimberly xo


Heart Artwork By: Monica Sabolla- The White Bench
➡️If you need more support during this time of uncertainty, visit Colorado’s resource page:
➡️If you are more seriously concerned about your own mental health or that of someone close to you, call the Colorado Crisis Services at 1-844-493-8255 or text “TALK” to 38255.
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▶️National Alliance and Mental Illness Resource Guide During COVID 19
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