? Happy Summer Solstice Sun Shiners! Grab a hug in a mug and be bold today…it’s Monday! Maybe you are not familiar with the summer solstice, so take a sip of java, sit back, relax and chat with me. It is one of the longest days of the year for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere. I can’t believe this year is half over!!!? It is time to manifest a spiritual mindset of what you want to see happen for the remaining months of this year. Why you may wonder…? Writing down your dreams, what you need or want from the universe is essential, as it is your compass in activating the energy force in bringing what you want towards you like a magnet. The energy you send out is the energy you will receive. Until you are willing to believe in your destiny, ask for what you want, and send it out knowing you are trusting it to become your reality, it will never happen for you. It is in blind faith that we write and author the pages of our journey. What we spew out of our mouth, whether teasing or not, negative energy will eventually destroy our purpose filled lives. In doing so, we must choose to face our fears, release the bondage that claims us, and freely surrender to the gifts that we want to claim as ours! Never underestimate the power you hold inside of you, for you are pure love.❤️ God is love and He made YOU in His image. He is all powerful and therefore, the spark of God is within you. It is this glow that like minded people gravitate towards, to generate a synergistic effect! What an awesomesauce experience Peeps! Everything you need is inside of YOU. YOU’VE GOT THIS!! Let Your Light Shine On?…xox

5 Ways To Celebrate the Summer Solstice

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