?Happy August sweet souls!

?May today be an exceptional beginning to a month of positive vibrations! Seek the best in yourself, whatever it may be, and do that if it brings joy to your soul. Do it for you!?

?Always stay true to YOU no matter what your story is. People will try to question you, challenge your judgement, assume the worst about your perceptions, and dismiss your story as inconsequential. Yet, that speaks loudly about them and what’s happening or not in their life not yours. It says nothing about you and your voice. Continue to raise yours regardless of those who mock you on the sidelines. They don’t have to understand you. It’s not their journey and no one asked them to.

?I have found on my long journey how some people find a need to control what I say, how I feel, and tell me what happened along the way, even when they were not there. And then, they interrupt me before I can finish the story by telling me the ending, even when it is not their ending to determine. If people need to invalidate me, my story, and my gifts with all that energy, imagine what they could do if they used that same energy to validate me and my glow in positive ways…?? What a vibrational energy surge we would have!⚡️?

?With all that said, no matter what people say about you, to you, or through you while you’re sharing your voice, stand firm in who you are, grounded in the core beliefs of your love for you?. Until someone walks in your shoes, shares the road with you when trauma happens, and/or actually rises up to greet you at your level of truth, keep your crown of jewels firmly in place so even you remember whom you are a mirror image of…The King Himself!?

Sending the greatest light of them all…The heaven’s heavenly hosts of angels ?? Make this month one to shine about sweet souls!?

In Love and Light,?
Kimberly xo


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