Hello my beautiful Souls,

Grab a hug in a mug, some spiritual glow, and an attitude of positivity.. We are half way through the week and the October days are flying quickly by in a kaleidoscope of colors. I hope you have been enjoying the outdoor activities, Oktoberfestivities, the pumpkin patches, the music festivals, and poka dancing! Lol! There’s so much to enjoy during the fall season…

What have my tribe members been up to since October? Any exciting news to share? Are there any members who need support or encouragement? I wanted to remind everybodeee we are here to gather for the exchange of conversation, to elicit support and encouragement for those in need of compassion, and to celebrate our wins, no matter how small they are. In doing so, we honor who we are even in the smallest of spaces we may find ourselves in.

♀️I know I have found myself in between those small isolated walls due to accidents. They have turned my outgoing social life and “normal” life to one that is more restricted, fearful, guarded, unsocial, anxious, and cognitively fragmented. My foundation now seems unstable. It’s weird to muse how stability used to be my security because I was in control, engaged, connected, active, and full of glow. Since my cycling accident, I have struggled to regain my balance due to migraines, brain fog, memory loss, fatigue, and a healing process that is slower than a turtle.

Sweet Starlights, please do not be discouraged no matter where you are in the process of healing and recovery. You are where you are suppose to be. We are music in the making; a masterpiece wasn’t created overnight and molding us into the person we are meant to be takes time, patience, the stretching of one’s soul, heart and mind. If we do not change, nothing will ever change in our lives to bring us closer to who we were meant to be…

Living a life of glow is a mind shift, a transformation of a higher consciousness that most people fail to recognize. It takes courage, positivity, mindfulness, letting go of the junk we hold onto, and believing in the magic zone. This is where dreams do come true.

Love Yourself, Live Your Spirit.

Wherever you are in your life’s journey, live in the moment. Be present and grateful for every moment you have. Life is short. We are here for a reason. Maybe you have found your place in this world, yet many have not and are still searching for their passion and purpose. Bear in mind, every person you rub shoulders with along your path, you have dropped a seed within them that will blossom. You alone have changed the lives of millions of individuals! That is how magnificent you are! Your life matters more than you realize…

LOVE: If you have someone in your life, don’t take them for granted. Choose to love them, instead, by showing them love. Love, after all, is an action word. If you are unable to love yourself first, then please choose to master self-love if you ever wish to have a loving healthy relationship.

“You can measure the impeccability of your word by your level of self-love. How much you love yourself and how you feel about yourself are directly proportionate to the quality and integrity of your word. When you are impeccable with your word, you feel good; you feel happy and at peace. You can transcend the dream of hell just by making the agreement to be impeccable with your word. Right now I am planting that seed in your mind. Whether or not the seed grows depends upon how fertile your mind is for the seeds of love. It is up to you to make this agreement with yourself: I am impeccable with my word. Nurture this seed, and as it grows in your mind, it will generate more seeds of love to replace the seeds of fear. This first agreement will change the kind of seeds your mind is fertile for.” ~Don Miguel Ruiz

FORGIVENESS: To forgive and be forgiven is one of the greatest gifts ever! When in a relationship, no one is perfect. People are flawed. To be forgiven is to lighten the load for another. It is grace and humility bound in unity. If given authentically, it is amazing grace that lovingly changes us as white as snow.

GRATEFUL: Let us always be grateful to those who offer their kindness, service, empathy, compassion, and small deeds daily. When we do so, our hearts are filled with joy, warmth, and happiness. When we do this with our partners, at bedtime, it is symbolic of our love for each other, and the gifts they share with us no matter how big or small. Every special act of goodness should be voiced in appreciation.

May your day be filled with goodness, love and sunshine. Please let me know if you’re struggling and need to reach out to talk. I’m here for you. Enjoy the rest of the week sweet souls. Sending you blessings of plenty.

In Love and Light,

Kimberly xo


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