Happy Magnificent Monday sweet souls! Let your hearts be open to the unexpected serendipity of blissful magic… Change is coming.

✏️A Note to Self…

When I first started writing, I was terrified. Most people are. It’s scary to put yourself out there, share the most vulnerable part of yourself in a way that transports your audience in desiring to read about you. What if they don’t like what they read? What if the words don’t flow or they get bored? What if there’s not enough detail to engage them so they are inspired to keep reading? Whoa!

It’s scary and challenging to write about your life, wondering if anyone cares, identifies, empathizes, or is compassionate to your life’s journey. And, if being a thriver and triumphant will cast a wider net to an audience who deserves to live a life of glow, where the resiliency of the human spirit shatters the darkness and transforms mindsets from bondage to freedom. How long before I can exhale? Practice is the answer.

Until I get up and do it I am none the wiser. In time, I found my true self. My authenticity was gleaned through my writing. It is my passion. I shed layers of skin to unveil my soul’s deepest secrets and in doing so, found answers to questions that had plagued my broken mindset for decades.

Being abandoned, I was always fearful of losing friendships, good jobs, those I admired, and loved ones. The biggest fear I battled was during my greatest happiness, when the universe was in alignment. Those closest to me would be suddenly removed from my life. Or I became injured and ill.

A black cloud hung over me, following me, haunting me. It dripped tokens of darkness upon me to sabatoge my joy and sense of well-being. Relentless mind games would send me into overdrive to overcome fear with light. A psychology of wits to battle from within. I had not learned how to successfully maneuver these mental fusions while in academia. Yet I knew peace would come.

✨Having overcome traumas and abuse, it is in choosing to thrive in a life of glow that gives me the confidence, courage, resiliency and wisdom. Staying true to myself, the God spark within carries my light force of brilliance so I can overcome whatever obstacles are thrown at me. How I react to them carries my light.

Those who need me will find me. And like-minded souls will gravitate towards me to continue the process of evolving into their highest self by seeking answers to their questions.

And laying myself out there to the world isn’t pretty. I became vulnerable. I realized my life was chaotic, messy, ugly, humiliating, embarrassing, and depressing. It was painful. But the ugly truth of being authentic is that so was a lot of other people’s lives. Other individuals can hopefully identify with my story, find hope, realize they’re not alone, and find support and ways to heal and recover. It’s Not Your Fault!!

Loving yourself first is savoring those pieces of stardust that bring joy to your soul and staying true to you. Below is my edited version of Jen Pastiloff’s four ways to be your most authentic self

1) Discover what makes you feel good. What makes you come alive; go do that. Find like minded people; hang out with those people. Maybe it’s a wine tasting and pairing, yoga, scrapbooking, swimming, cooking, or sewing. Just do it. Surround yourself with people who appreciate your passion instead of squashing it.

2) Communicate. When something bothers you, speak up. When you love someone, speak up. Tell them. Open your mouth and use your voice. It’s yours. Own it.

3) Be creative. What makes you YOU? We are all different. Thankfully. Imagine how boring it would be if we were all six feet, red heads with a drive for ice skating. We would die of boredom. Discover what makes you unique and makes you shine. By finding your own voice, you connect the anatomy of the spirits that honors your spiritual center. It unveils the shine that is uniquely your own. It’s there. Find it.

4) Visualize. Whatever you believe or imagine can come true if you you dig deep enough. Our thoughts literally become our reality. You will FEEL the emotion of becoming that person you envision for yourself. Once you taste that feeling of positivity, believe in your imagination because it makes your soul do its happy dance. Go do a happy dance! Believe in You! ?Make today a blessed one sweet souls…

Always be beautiful, authentic YOU! Beauty never looked or felt so good. Sending Fall kisses…xoxo

If you have questions, concerns, or wish to reach out for support in any way, please do. My contact form is available as a confidential means to connect with me. You are never ever alone.

Wishing you a day of blissful magic that offers fresh white peaches, cold beverages, and gentle breezes…

May those in the wake of hurricane Ida find safe havens from the storm. May God blanket everyone with His massive umbrella, protection from its rage, and shelter, food and water after the rising surge. God Bless You All!

And may our Service men and women being called home from Afghanistan also be kept safe and protected from harm’s way.❤️

In Light and Love,

Dr. Kimberly Lees


Photo Above by Jennifer Patiloff


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