?Good morning sweet souls!☀️ Rise and shine to a new day, new attitude, and fresh coffee. Grab a mug of glow, clear your mind, and find a peaceful place to enjoy your tranquility. This is what I do every morning to plug in my brain so it has time to breathe, relax, wake up, and become less chaotic. Sending clear messages to one’s brain, as in meditating, chanting a mantra, and/or having gentle background music ? while you reflect, allows your body to relax, your heart rate to drop, your blood pressure to decline, and your mind to wander. It’s a marvelous way to connect one’s heart, soul, and mind…?

?Learning about our bodies through our minds is fascinating. The mind is the controller of everything we do. We alone speak to it through our thoughts, which dictate our actions and/ or behaviors and responses. In trying to control the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual realm that are interconnected by our brain, we must consciously reframe our thinking processes to inform us with a more positive response. Making positive memories, choosing friends who lift you up to achieve your full potential, and striving to remove negative self-talk are steps in achieving positive results.

?Basically, your thoughts won’t change unless you choose to change and want a different outcome. Change equals change. It’s takes practice, consistency, and maybe even choosing a new set of friends to hang with. People of like minds gravitate towards others with the same mindset. The energy signals are powerful. You may not know you are sending them out, yet you are, because we are made of energy…the stardust of miracles! Ensure you are being molded into the “kind” of person you want to gravitate towards you.?

?May today be a blessing in disguise. Expect the unexpected!? Choose a mindset of glow sweet souls! You will not regret it!?

Sending Love and Light, Kimberly

The Best Brain Possible, Four Steps to Take Control of Your Brain


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