?Good morning my beautiful souls…☀️

☕Grab a cup of shine, an attitude of glow, and a mindset of positivity to bring joy into the forefront of your day!? I hope your weekend was incredible!? It seemed to have lots of yellow paint across the sky, followed by streaks of grilling♨️, boating, kayaking?, outdoor adventures, food and music ? events, plus, family and friend gatherings.? Also, a very healthy and delicious time to crave dark chocolates and those past time pop corn movies ?.? Just say’in!

?What did my sweet tribe members do this weekend? What interests did you follow for your passions and hobbies this weekend? Please share them with us so we can all get to know each other better.?

?I wasn’t able to indulge in many activities due to my ribs, so instead, I researched more about the brain, trauma, abuse, and PTSD in how it impacts adults in post trauma. I’m always curious in the latest and greatest medical research. Especially when it reveals how to treat and diagnose individuals, like ourselves, whom have sustained and suffered from years of trauma. And, then, determine what we can do to make changes for ourselves to make a life of glow, even though it seems impossible. In truth, nothing is impossible as the word itself says, “I’m Possible!”?

?Resiliency of the human spirit after stress and trauma is difficult to understand, if even comprehensible. We try to wrap our heads around it, yet our brains ? rule when we are under attack.

?It is critical to know how powerful our minds rationalize, justify, and manipulate our responses, especially if we are lacking in self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-awareness. We have defense mechanisms built into our mental layers for survival since childhood, which are imprinted so deep one may not even be aware of them. Just as the fight or flight mechanisms for an attack, the brain has memory which it stores for survival and will use it without your permission as a tool to protect you when it feels you are under attack by an enemy, whether you are or not.

?People whom have been through trauma or abuse have the capacity to defend themselves because of their resilience, as do all victims who may be involved in trauma or abuse. The brain’s extraordinary functioning under stress and attack offer’s humans resiliency in its protection of the skull “computer” it serves and will go to extremes in ensuring its owner overcomes all odds when the time dictates such necessity.

?Pamela Woll has written a wonderful Guidebook called, “The Power and Price of Survival: Understanding Resilience, Stress and Trauma,” In it she points out that everything is still inside of you as you search for meaning and longing after trauma and abuse. You have lost nothing, although it may seem as if you have lost everything from the cruelty of the trauma. She states, “The power that has helped you keep going all these years is still there, still inside you.? You can use that power to help you bring your body, brain, and life back into balance, and back into the present. Most of us don’t grow up knowing how to handle extreme stress, threat, illness, and loss in effective ways. It takes learning, training, and practice. Getting back in balance gives you the power to:

• Recognize your body’s stress/survival reactions

• Choose whether or not to act on them

• Notice when the past is “invading” the present

• Choose to focus on what’s right here, right now

• Do things to help control your stress reactions

• Choose responses that make things better

• Make choices that support your true values”

?The fact we have two separate memory systems, the conscious and unconscious, informs our brains to keep us alive under attack. We don’t determine how it works. It is automatically in tune with the order of chemically hormonal sequences that defy all rational thought. Our memory systems decide for us what to retain or not based on the level of threat to us. If it becomes an unconscious memory, it becomes part of an emotional memory system, where anything reminding us of a threat will signal strong survival reactions. So, triggers can cause us to behave or respond in such a manner under normal circumstances we normally wouldn’t do.

?It is beyond me to understand the power that our brains can offer us in protection from past and current trauma. Yet, I do know that our brains hold the key ? to our present and future happiness. It is our job to learn how to connect with this power and release it so we can move beyond where we may be “stuck” in our path to living in the glow.? This is not an imaginary place my sweet tribe. This is the Magic Zone of Joy where you decide how you choose to live your life instead of allowing your past traumas to dictate for you…? I wish happiness for you above all else, for everyone!

?May today be a blessing in disguise for my sweet souls. You are so deserving of it and more…! Expect the unexpected! Choose a mindset of glow because that is what you will achieve!? You will not regret it!

If you feel alone or need someone to talk to, please contact me. I will be here to support you.

In love and Light,



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