?Good morning my sweet souls!?
How are you on this glorious Monday?? I hope you feel the blessings upon you as you find time for you and reflect on what brings joy to your soul..? Grab a mug of sunshine, grace others with an attitude of glow, and smile at someone you love…?

?I was attending a writer’s conference in Iowa and have learned so much more about myself, my writing challenges, defeats, triumphs, and aspirations in wanting to publish my memoir. Networking with strangers, whom have become friends and a support system of writing maniacs who will assist in lifting me higher than I thought I could ever imagine are some of the phenomenal unexpected take aways.? When I thought I was the only one whom had been on this arduous journey, I suddenly realized, out of no where, I found others, people with like mindedness, those who mirrored me in scars, abuse, and traumas, perhaps angels, whom have been walking beside me all along.

?Surprisingly, I had not been ready for them to share their voices with me until now. I must have grown in the past five years since I’ve been away. My God spark and experiences must have stretched me in ways I had not foreseen and helped me calm the storm within. I hadn’t seen the transition. Maybe it’s just softer, yet God’s perfect timing is not for me to argue with.

?Sometimes, however, we sit alone discouraged of our work, discontent with ourselves, disengaged with social activities because we are in a place of the unknown. We don’t feel as if anyone sees us, hears us, or cares about us. We feel invisible. Thus begins the cycle of depression. These are lies we tell ourselves my sweet souls! You are beautiful, your voice matters, and what you do is the passion of who you are. Never Give Up!! You are a GIFT of the Creator Most High!! You wear HIS Crown of Jewels!? Who knew the God spark we carry inside of us was the magnet for others who mirrored us in trauma and abuse would connect us by 6 degrees of separation? The net of “normalcy” just became oceans wide…?

?Consequently, we must celebrate everyday our existence, our beauty, brains, and brilliance that shines from inside out. Sometimes it may glow slightly less than other days, but believe me, it is there. When you love yourself, God’s Light is brighter than any darkness. So, straighten the crown on your head, and start strutting sweet souls…Live like the heroine or hero you are in the glow!!?

?If you need a hand to hold or someone to talk to, please contact me. You are never alone…

?I hope you will continue to shine your light, even if you must push yourself outside your boundaries to meet others and make new friends. Trusting yourself is half the battle. Medications offer some assistance but also side effects. I know. Do what feels safe for you. Your brain dictates and controls our emotions, rationale, etc. Those with PTSD are not so lucky in releasing their suffering. Yet, there is a new shot that has come out, per 60 Miutes, that is helping restore war veterans with PTSD a relief, so help is on the way my Beautiful Tribe.?

Make today one of glow my beautiful souls!

In Love and Light,?

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