?Good morning sweet souls,

?Grab a cup or shine, a grateful heart, and the knowledge that YOU matter!? Trauma or abuse may for some foreshadow our presence with daily fatigue, moments of anxiety, triggers of PTSD, and cognition loss. Rising on the bright side of the bed can be challenging. Getting out of it may be harder than it seems. Yet, doing so is a goal worth achieving!?

? In many ways technology has damaged our brains, severed our personal contact with friends, changed the wiring of our cognition, and has addicted us to a neediness for immediate gratification. In many ways, however, technology has also brought connections, education, and virtual medical practices.

?Yet, when trying to heal and recover, how can we use technology, instead, for enhancing our brains and close the loop in the medical field with practitioners and cutting edge advancements? And, how do we treat all people with equity medically regardless of socioeconomic status?

Dr. Adam Gazzaley offers some insight regarding how technology has imbedded itself into our minds in his article, “The Cognition Crisis,” that has become a double edge sword domestically and globally. The human brain is suffering from depression, ADHD, anxiety, PTSD, and alzheimer’s. Technology can actually damage our brains significantly if left uncontrolled. However, it can also bring advancements in medical treatments, education, and artificial intelligence in how we manage, treat, and repair our own brains. Being open to future treatments in cognition treatments with technology may be a way to close the loop on socioeconomic medical equity for all.?

?May today be one of bliss and may you find a place of solace on this blessed Sundae…?

In Light and Love,?


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