?A Reflection of 2019…

❄️Good morning little snowflakes…? Grab a mug of warmth, a perspective of glow, add a few drops of sunshine, and you are ready to go! The New Year 2020 is fast approaching and my thoughts are reflective of this past year, as most of us take extraordinary measures to be cognizant of the great strides we have made, the areas we may need improvement, and the various accomplishments we can celebrate!?

?The phenomenal experiences we shared during the year are truly what makes the vibrato of music in our lives so magical.? No matter what we do alone, it is so much more satisfying and fulfilling when shared with someone who “gets” us. The magic in life is only magic when we Believe in the power of who we are. Never, ever give your power away. Because that is what makes YOU great!

?There is a spark of God in each of us, just waiting to shine through our soul’s broken pieces of glass due to traumatic experiences, so they shimmer once again. It not only lights our path but those who follow in our footsteps. Self-love is healing and forgiving, giving us permission to accept ourselves with all our perfect imperfections. And, it is revealing of our true inner beauty which unveils in us self-confidence, self-esteem, freedom from shame, guilt, and fear. We are enough just as we are…? We learn to trust ourselves and others again, and become vulnerable to give and receive love.

?My prayer is the burdens, pain, and sufferings we have dealt with, recovered from, and held onto this year can be released so our bodies, minds, and souls will be ready and willing to move forward into the New Year 2020.? Choosing to cling to the old garbage leaves little room for God’s gifts and opportunities to be opened to you. When we let baggage live rent free in our minds, we are never fully “present” in the present. Those we share time with never get our full attention. And, that is a great loss for both parties involved.

?Realizing our self-worth, setting healthy boundaries, and being grounded in who we are is quintessential in nurturing friendships and relationships of like-minded individuals. It is the knowledge we have honed in choosing to develop valued character traits in ourselves first before pursuing a manifested version of who we want in our lives. We cannot have grandeur expectations of someone else if we haven’t developed those same qualities internally and be complete in who we are. Two healthy individuals who are enough, with like-minded characteristics, values, goals, interests, and who don’t need to complete each other is a great start!?

?As I ponder these thoughts to you, my hope is we take time to treasure and find fullness of heart for all the wonderful blessings in our lives. We take so much for granted without realizing how blessed we are in this great country. The freedoms we share, the religions of plenty, the cuisines from cultures abroad, the music and art we have enjoyed without realizing who the chefs and artists are or that s/he came from a global nation of poverty. What magnificence this country offers in opportunities to anyone who seeks greatness!?

?What we see from our perspective is what we want to see, not what is truly happening in our own back yards. We are a nation of poverty, selfishness, greed, power, lobbyists, politics, violence, addicts, sex trafficking, and abuse. Please do not forget the elderly, the disabled, the homeless, the veterans, and children who go unfed. These individuals are in “our” care who deserve to be taken care of by ALL of us, whether you think they deserve it or not.

♿️Let us remember we may someday be one of them. Not by choice, and by no fault of their own, these people on government programs are in dire need of support from everyone. Make no mistake, mental illness is no one’s fault. These individuals deserve medical attention and it takes money to care for everyone. Let us open our arms wide to these programs to serve others. That is truly why we are here, is it not? Life can change in the blink of an eye. Medical health problems take one’s breath and finances away faster than we can inhale. Be proactive and make a difference in America this year 2020.


?I am grateful for all of you who read my messages and send me inspiration everyday. You bring me great joy! I am enough because you fill me with glow. Continue to shine and be the light of the world…? Make it a blissful weekend sweet stars of light and share the glow!

In love and light,?
Kimberly xo

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