My sweet and gentle tribe,

Hello December and all my beloved souls. We have entered into the season where unwrapping the gift of love is waiting for our welcome from above. It’s coming… It is a time to set aside old wounds and make space for spiritual renewal, gentleness, and healing. The earth stands still with peace and quietly makes room for a small infant, born in a manger stall to no one significant. Yet God claimed her as His Holy One to carry His son—The Savior, Our Lord, Jesus Christ…the King.

✝️The Advent season has already begun and prepares us for the Nativity of Christ. It lasts the four Sundays leading up to Christmas. In Latin, Advent means, “come to…” Here, during the busiest time of year we pledge to celebrate our family and friends as priorities and discover ways that brings calmness, tranquility, and peace. The self-love we have nurtured in our hearts, minds, and souls brings beauty and wonder in how we honor ourselves, others, and the community we hold dear.

It is a time of surrendering our inner turmoil and conflicts to the one who loves us the most. He alone recognizes our need for connections, companionship, and friendships. He urges us to serve and in doing so, we are rewarded with goodness of heart, good cheer, and love.

During this fragile time of year so many people need assistance, support and care. We are summoned to become a community of angels and bring joy to the weary, food and clothing to the poor, shelter to those without, and kindness to those in despair.

As we unwrap His beloved gift of love, we pause to reflect on our own fallen star. The holes in our hearts that we’ve tried to fill, forget, and push down with thick layers of fear. We must learn to let go of its pain, shame, guilt, and suffering by someone else’s hand who imprisoned us with lies. The God spark within is our resting place, our living grace, where we can discover how to heal and recover. Digging deep to surrender and rebirth anew, and embrace who we are to live life in freedom and light, with gratitude. Joy to the World!

Forgiveness is what we’re granted and what we must share to show grace and mercy to persecutors to pardon bad behaviors and our nightmares. He wraps us in His brilliant glory, offers His crown of jewels, He washes us with angel glow and an abundance of renewal. He gives us superpowers, a book of codes, a tapestry woven of stardust of promises to behold.

⚡️Lovingly and tenderly, what we see as the light shines through, is the gift of love within us, sparkling like dew. Self-love is the mystery that carries His great light. His God spark still shining so brilliantly that night. After all He is the Prince of Peace to guide us every night.

❄️May the magic of the holidays be upon you… Tis the season to be with family and friends, basking in the treasures of laughter, glowing fireplaces, and Starbuck’s mocha lattes. It is a time of merriment, of gatherings, travel, and holiday cheer. It is my favorite holiday of the year! The lights of the houses, Christmas trees, and city lights are so magical to me. They become a winter wonderland of beauty, splendor, and shiny nose reindeer.

☃️Christmas IS magic if you believe in it fully and completely. It is a time of love that transcends our despair, depression, hopelessness, and thoughts of suicide. God’s love is greater and bigger than the universe. YOU are a miracle of pure love. Allow yourself to believe in YOU.? God’s spark is inside of you waiting to glow through the cracks of your soul’s shattered glass. I know this because I have been transformed by it.

❤️I still believe Love is the answer that heals the soul and spiritual brokenness of past and present. After all, the “present” of today is a gift. This precious gift of time is powerful and priceless. And we are offered it every day.

As an empath, the energy during the holidays is massive and quite the load to carry. I feel people’s joy and pain, sadness and despair. There are many walking wounded in our midst. They may be selling their hand made wares of crystal ornaments, jewels, or crafts. I sense the hardship of their journey and the reality in how their hearts are tender during this holiday season. As exhausting as it is to love one another, we are all made of pure love.? Maybe it is more challenging for some to show love because of the battles they are fighting. Being kind and patient has its perks.

The Lord Himself will give you a sign” Isaiah 7:14 NAS

The Signs of Christmas

And, just as signs are tokens of who we are in that moment of time, Love is much the same. It plays a powerful role during this holiday season. It sends out tokens of its own charm and magic.

I am reminded of God’s great love through the birth of His son, Jesus Christ, who was born in a humble manger. During a peaceful night, the angels of heaven sang joyously. It changed the world one heart at-a-time.

The signs or tokens of Christmas: We are given a “mark” to follow at Christmas to discover the true meaning of His birth.

Consider the lights of Christmas: The stardust of magical lights on Christmas trees, houses, and downtown delights are symbolic of the light Christ brought to us the night of His birth. When all was dark and fast asleep, the great star that lit the way for the three wise men, bringing frankincense, gold, and myrrh. The dark, overshadowed by light, was a sign of hope to the world.

Reflect on the majestic colors of Christmas: The bright colors of reds, greens, and golds cite a spirit of festive gatherings. And to inhale the aromas of cookies baking, hot cocoa in a mug, with friends from afar, are tokens of the joy and celebration that comes with Christ’s birth.

The sounds of Christmas: Christmas caroling and beautiful hymns, children playing, people praying, and opening of gifts are filled with the coming of Jesus’s Love to us. glorious angelic singing from the heavens above.

These are the signs of Christ’s Love and of His coming! Let us rejoice and be filled with an abundance of joy of God’s amazing love!?✨

Your Invitation to Unwrap the Gift~ by Ann VosKamp

“Big and glossy and loud and fast—that’s how this bent -up world turns.

But God, when He comes—He shows up in this fetal ball.

He who carved the edges of the cosmos curved Himself into a fetal ball in the dark, tethered Himself to the uterine wall of a virgin, and lets His cells divide, light splitting all white.

He gave up the heavens that were not even large enough to contain Him and lets Himself be held in a hand.

The mystery so large becomes the Baby so small, and infinite God becomes infant.

The Giver becomes the Gift, this quiet offering.”

December…What We See Isn’t Always What We See

As we forward into the last month of 2022, be cognizant of how far we’ve fluidly traveled through time. We have immersed ourselves in our passions, talents, heartfelt gifts, and those hobbies that fulfilled our lives with glow. Many of us have overcome great hardships with perseverance, risen with torn threads woven with stardust, and mentally manifested the cosmos’s brilliance to discover joy among the magic zone.

Having been through trauma myself, its challenging to know when the storm is over. The psyche is ever evolving and healing, but emotional scarring can be forever damaging. And physical harm has repercussions that lead well into the older ages and show up when we least expect it. Sometimes, one physical trauma leads to another type of physical injury without realizing the impact of its consequences.

A movie I recently watched called, “Last Christmas,” was quite meaningful to me during this season of love, forgiveness, and renewal. It reminds us about the human condition of people everywhere who are suffering, maybe even ourselves from past trauma. Healing old wounds is never really over because it is in our neurobiological tapestry where the brain’s wiring has been changed forever.

Psychological trauma is subjective of initial factors that vary from prior trauma based on the developmental stages of its commencement, severity of exposure, and those who are entangled in the personal relationships to the trauma. The neuroplasticity of the brain is its ability to heal and recover from psychological trauma. The body, mind, and emotional centers can learn flexible strategies once removed from immediate danger. They can learn to function in a safe environment with people who can be trusted. We are hard-wired as infants to be connected to kind, loving parents who offer gentle, trusting emotional attachments that care for our needs. It is instinctual from birth.

As an evolving society, we cannot turn away from the statistics in America as it relates to trauma and abuse. As of 2022, our population showcases the following trauma and abuse percentages and stats with its resources cited below: trauma (70% of pop. has experienced it), sexual assault (every 68 seconds), domestic violence (20 people/minute), intimate partner violence (1/7 women & 1/25 men), sex trafficking (64,716), mental illness (50M adults), depression (21M) and invisible disabilities (42M and 96% are unseen), that shatter people’s lives daily. We have a crisis on our hands and it is spirally out of control.

Those who have never been violated or persecuted by the hand of someone else may not understand the dominating abuse, betrayal, oppression, controlling isolation, manipulation, and gaslighting that can be smashed into someone’s brain over and over again until their spirits within dies a long and daunting death. But many narcissistic and borderline personality, and mentally ill people find pleasure in persecuting others until they can control them like puppets for their own desires.

And for others, who are disabled due to no fault of their own, they are dependent on people to assist them with transportation, groceries, meals, medical services, and other supportive measures. Those who have been through wars, accidents, natural disasters, or domestic terrors are dealing with PTSD and may require a season, a year, or a lifetime of healing. There are no perfect answers when the brain is involved because of its mystery and the unknown variables surrounding each person.

In this fascinating Christmas movie, a young woman felt unloved and unwanted since experiencing a grave illness as a teenager. Because of this, her heart was badly injured and she needed a transplant immediately. Another man died the same night she was brought into emergency and gave her his without her knowledge. But she always felt empty and alone since that tragic night. She never felt whole. Or loved. A part of her was missing because her heart was not hers. Mentally she felt depressed, alone, and unwanted.

Her family was dysfunctional and unhelpful. Her mother had psychological issues and was unable to give her the love and support she required. Her father worked and assisted her mother the best he could. Her sister was preoccupied in trying to discern her own life from the shambles of the family’s unraveling. It was a difficult time to be alone and invisible on her own.

♀️A mystery man came into her life when she was starting to spiral downwards. He was kind, gentle, and patient towards her. He listened to her pain, despair, and suffering about the scar on her chest. Her life had changed drastically with her family and friends since her painful surgery. He cared for her with love and asked her to rest so she could heal. He then kissed her softly goodnight and left her at his apartment.

❤️‍As she began to heal from her mental prison of neglect, sorrow, and loneliness, her mind shifted to positivity and light. Self-love began to blossom and she began to sing…again. The man she had met though could not be found so she could thank him for his kindness and love.

She was gifted with a voice of grace and brought joy to the souls of those who were disabled, in poverty, and needed shelter. She raised money outside in the courtyard by singing to those passing bye to raise money for the shelter’s Christmas show. It was a courageous goal for her to accomplish. Yet she wanted to pay forward what she had received to heal and to live a life of joy.

✨She searched and searched for the man who had changed her life from darkness to light to thank him for saving hers. What she didn’t know was he was the one who had given her life that dark and dreary night when she had almost lost hers. He was God’s angel sent to save her again so she would live a life of light to honor Him who reigns as the Crown within…

May all my beloved souls feel this great love of Christ during this magical time of year. WE are all worthy of His crown found deep within if we but only Believe in HIM.

May His love shine brilliantly on us to release our fears to redeem His blessings throughout the New Year 2023. WE are worthy of everything because He lives in us and through us. But only if we Believe!

Have a Merry Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023!???

In Love and Light,

Dr. Kimberly Lees xo


P.S. Please consider renting the movie, “Last Christmas”  to know the depth and breath of angel dust….✨


Please contact me if you are struggling this month. You are never alone!





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