?Good morning my beautiful souls!☀️ It’s the weekend!! May the glow be with you as you start the weekend, because as it stands now, we are entertaining a massive thunderstorm where I am in NE Wisconsin…☔️ Grab some fresh perked java, a nutritious scrambled egg muffin, and a zesty, perky, energy boost!??☕️ We are movin’ and shakin’ today my bright and shiny stars…!?

?Today, I wanted to let you in on a secret that most people are unaware of regarding their brains. It’s called the Glymphatic System (GS). This system is quite critical to our brains in removing toxic wastes, such as neurotoxins and proteins that have accumulated during the daytime. In a year’s time, it will actually dump at least three pounds worth of toxic waste out of our brains, which is the equivalent of the weight of our brains! Pretty amazing in how perfect our brains function without us turning it on and off. When you think about it, our body is one spectacular and perfectly made machine that runs on autopilot. The God spark in us is the inspiration of making us who we are.

?Additionally, this Glymphatic System offers the brain a transportation channel for bringing in non-toxic compounds such as glucose, lipids, proteins, and neuro-transmitters. Research shows it is most active during the evening when our bodies are at rest. Thus, as we sleep, our brains are actively engaged in toxic waste clean up. However, as we age, this productive detoxification slows down, just as when our sleep is inhibited or when our brains have gone through trauma, such as traumatic brain injury, stroke, and Alzheimer’s. It works best when we are at our best in sleep, immunology, nutrition, fitness, and brain health.?

?So, those of you whom have had trauma to the brain will now understand why your brains are not being detoxified properly at night, thus leaving you with unrecycled toxins. It’s very disturbing to me to have learned about this challenging issue, yet, this is an important one for those who continue to struggle with connections and possibly post-concussive syndrome.

?It is my hope that those whom have been through trauma and/or abuse, you will take it more seriously to eat nutritiously and maintain a fitness routine in order to choose good habits for healthy brain maintenance. Practicing 8-9 hours of sleep is a goal worthy of our time and brain health….?

Wishing all my sweet members a weekend of resiliency, splendor, and joy.? Take time to pamper YOU! Never forget how worthy you are, and that you are unique in all the world. Your voice matters, how you feel matters, and what you think matters. Share so others know what your boundaries are and what you value. YOU matter!?

Let me know if I can support you in any way. I am here to assist you if you are alone and need to share. Please contact me. You are never, ever alone in this world.

Be well and share the glow!?

In Love and Light,?
Kimberly Lees, Ed.D.



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